Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This Week's Shopping Trip!

Another great shopping week - got lots of free stuff! Not as "extreme" as on TLC, but awesome savings, nonetheless!

 While at the store today, I saw a sign posted stating that there WILL be a special Double Double Daze at the Antigo Copp's this week. This means you can double 10 coupons per $25 instead of just 5 - it's a great stockpile opportunity!

(Note: I split this into 3 - $25 before coupons transactions.)

5 Dr. Pepper TEN 2 liter (FREE)

5 Palermo's classic pizzas (FREE)
5 Crave! cat treats (FREE)
4 Betty Crocker scalloped skin-on potatoes 
4 Betty Crocker julienne potatoes 
3 International Coffee House 16 oz creamers 
2 Folgers 33oz coffee
2 Rice A Roni Broccoli Cheddar
2 AA 4 pack batteries 
2 AAA 4 pack batteries
2 Claussen pickles
2 Shredded 8 oz mozzarella & provalone cheese
1 Head of cabbage
1 Lasagna noodles
1 Cottage cheese 24 oz
1 Ricotta cheese 16 oz
1 Frito Lay 22ct variety snack size
1 Turkey pepperoni

Total Retail Cost: $127.10
I spent only: $45.84 - which is an overall 64% savings!

Walmart shop:

10 Campbell's Chunky soups
5 Pillsbury Breakfast Biscuits (Jeremy's favorite quick workday breakfast)
4 Pepsi Max 12 packs (Price matching Walgreen's 3/$9.96 + buy 3 get 1 free sale)
1 Kraft parmesan cheese
1 Huggies 320 ct wipes

Total Retail Cost: $60.61
I spent only: $39.90 - which is a 34% savings (from lower Walmart prices - coupons do not double)

Overall savings for this week: 54%

(I will also be picking up some more large eggs for just 99¢ and 2% milk for just $2.18 from Kwik Trip later this week!)

Wondering how I could possibly get any meals out of this week's shopping? (Well, my mom was asking anyhow....) Well, here is my meal menu for this week:


Beefy stew with mashed potatoes
Cabbage rolls with Colcannon
White Chicken Chili
Clam Chowder & French bread
Tuna & Broccoli Cheddar Rice casserole
Pizzas with turkey pepperoni and fresh veggies with home-made dip on the side


Grilled Cheese
PB & J
Mac & Cheese
Chicken spread
Tuna wraps
Cheez-It crackers
Granola bars
Fruit snacks
Pizza rolls
(Note: We don't eat lunch at home too often now that the girls are both in school, so I don't keep much around!)


Hash browns
English muffins
Bagels & cream cheese
Breakfast sausage
Eggs Benedict
French toast

Because I stocked up on most items over the past weeks/months (at rock-bottom prices!), the only items I needed to make these meals was the cabbage, lasagna noodles and lasagna cheeses! 

How did you do this week?? I want to hear some success stories in the comments!

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