Saturday, October 15, 2011

Copp's/Pick N' Save Coupon Book October 13, 2011 - October 26, 2011

Don't miss the coupon book out this week! If you didn't get this book delivered by mail or in the newspaper on Thursday, the store usually has them behind the customer service desk - so grab one on Wednesday! Prices are good through the dates shown.

DON'T FORGET: You can stack the store coupons in this book with your manufacturer coupons, too, for additional savings!

In this book
Aunt Jemima Waffles or Scrambles: 98¢
Roundy's chunk cheese: $1.48
Donut Holes: But One Get One Free
Florida's Natural orange juice: $2.98
Nesquik chocolate milk: $1.98
Digiorno or California Kitchen pizzas: $4.98
Hot or Lean pockets: $1.68
Nestle morsels: $1.98
Bertolli frozen meals: $1/1 manufacturer coupon (can be doubled)
Nutella spread: $1/2 manufacturer coupon (can be doubled)
Dove body wash or bar: $1/1 manufacturer coupon (can be doubled)
Dove hair care product: $1/1 manufacturer coupon (can be doubled)
Boneless, skinless chicken breasts (2 pack): $2.98
Louis Kemp Crab Delites: 98¢
Sliced mushrooms: $1.28
5lb bag Russet potatoes: $1.88
Stella cheese cups: 2/$4.98
Rotisserie chicken (3lb or more): $4.98
White Rain shampoo or conditioner: 68¢
Colgate Extra Clean toothbrush: 2/98¢
L'Oreal selected products: $1.25 off
TRESemme shampoo, conditioner or styling products: $2.98
Halls cough drops: 88¢
Mucinex cold & flu: $1.50 off
Bayer asprin: $1.98
Centrum 60ct: $9.98
Playtex tampons: $2.98
Depends: $9.98
Duracell batteries: $4.98
GE Reveal light bulbs: Buy One Get One Free ($6.99 value)
Wrigley's gum 3 pack: $1.48
M&M's large bag: $2.98
Hershey's Bliss or Reese's: $2.78
Dove miniatures: $2.78
Arm & Hammer liquid detergent 110-150 oz: $6.48
Huggies diapers, Pull-ups, Goodnites: $8.48

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