Thursday, May 16, 2013

What $100 can buy using coupons

Each photo above accurately represents $100 worth of merchandise. The "On Sale" photo is also approximately what you would spend at Walmart. This is a 100% real photo representation, because I saved my receipts over a few months and then added all of the items retail, sale and after coupon prices then collected them from my own shelves. 

All of the merchandise in the bottom photo would have been $330 buying full retail and $230 buying at the sale price at the time I bought it. I paid just $100 for everything you see in that photo. That is a 70% savings off retail and a 57% additional savings off of the sale price just by stocking up during sales using coupons! 

Note that it isn't all processed junk food, either. (A common myth about couponing.) There's paper and plastic storage goods, cleaning and laundry supplies, over-the-counter medicines and vitamins, baby wipes, hygiene supplies, baking and cooking goods, condiments, canned beans, tomatoes and soups, dried potatoes and pasta, bath and hair goods, coffee and tea and even dairy products!