Sunday, November 13, 2011

This Week's Double Double Daze Shopping Trip!

Last week was not a great week for sales - even with plenty of coupons! Some weeks go like that.

A quick scan of the Copp's flyer for THIS week looks a lot more promising, so be sure to check back for the match-ups! Anyhow, here's how I matched up coupons and took advantage of Double Double Daze this past Saturday. What great deals did you find this week?

15 Powerade (reg. $1.38 paid 67¢)

4 Disney Gummie Vitamins (reg. $6.69 paid $1.35)
4 Shredded Cheddar Cheese (reg. $2.49 paid $1.66)
3 Rice-A-Roni (reg. $1.25 paid 64¢)
3 Jimmy Dean Breakfast Biscuits (reg. $5.29 paid $1.99)
3 Mrs. T's Pierogies (reg. $2.50 paid 99¢)
3 Pepsi Max 12 pack (reg. $4.89 paid $2.85)
2 Crisco Vegetable oil (reg. $3.62 paid $1.61)
2 Edy's Ice Cream (reg. $5.99 paid $2.88)
Hills Bros. coffee (reg. $11.99 paid $5.49)
Idahoan Loaded mashed Potatoes (reg. $1.39 paid $0)
Clear Values Strawberry Preserves ($2.09)
Green onions (59¢)

(Also picked up some chicken breasts, ground turkey, eggs, pimento, egg rolls, French bread, ravioli and parmesan cheese from Walmart.)

Total Retail Cost: $133.76

I spent only: $64.05 - which is an overall 52% savings!

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