Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Peanut butter prices are on the rise, except at one grocery store

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At Pick 'N Save, shoppers are already shell-shocked by the higher price tags. What's causing it, is a peanut shortage.
"Drought in peanut-growing regions has affected supply. Additionally, the price of cotton enticed some farmers who normally plant peanuts to plant cotton, so they could get more money," Roundy's Spokeswoman Vivian King said.
Prices on peanut butter are up 60 cents, to $1.50, or more, depending on the size.
Local food pantries are now hoping donations won't dry up!
"Every family that comes to Freiden's Food Pantry gets peanut butter, and if supply runs out, we just won't be able to give it out because we can't afford to buy it," Michael Brever from the Coggs Center Food Pantry said. 
At Pick 'N Save, the price for one brand won't budge. 16-ounce jars of Skippy are covered by a price cap promotion launched in September.
"It was a 1.98 before this shortage, and it is still going to be $1.98 through the end of the year," King said.
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