Thursday, February 9, 2012

Saturday Double Double Daze

I saw a sign at Copp's yesterday that Saturday will be a Double Double Daze. That means ten coupons will be doubled for every $25 instead of only five!

Sorry, I haven't been keeping up on match-ups - been a little busy with my CASAA advocacy now that so many legislatures are back in session. I'll try to get them up before tomorrow!

In the meantime - check out the 99¢ eggs at Walgreen's this week. Also, take a walk through Copp's and look for the 50%-75% off tags on the shelves! These are unadvertised sales and only while supplies last. I picked up  some great deals:
Bush's 36oz Hominy 
Was $1.79 now 89¢
Lysol Lavander Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner 
Was $3.49 now $1.74
Kraft Lite Blue Cheese Dressing 
Was $3.62 now $1.81 (If you are buying ANY kind of produce, use the $1 tear pad coupon on the aisle display and save an additional $2 off on Double Daze = 81¢ each!)
Hartz Crunch & Clean Dog Dental Biscuits
Was $$5.14 now $2.57
Mr. Clean Dawn Eraser
Was $2.99 now $1.49
L'Oreal Excellence To Go Hair Color
Was $8.79 now $2.20

Look carefully for the other  50% - 75% off deals not listed, too!

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