Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kwik Trip's milk in a bag

If you've ever been inside at Kwik Trip, you may have seen their bagged milk. Did you know that a 1/2 gallon costs only $1.24 (making 1 gallon only $2.48 compared to the usual $3.48 or more at Walmart?)

Kwik Trip says "Our unique 1/2 gallon bag beverages provide an easy, economical and environmentally friendly alternative to expensive and bulky plastic jugs. Our ice creams come in a variety of economical sizes and delicious flavors.

Milk In A Bag packaging from Kwik Trip provides sealed in freshness and lower everyday prices because the bag technology costs 10 to 15 percent less than jugs or cartons. It's also more environmentally friendly. Your first experience with Milk In A Bag will feel different as you get used to the way it pours in the FREE PITCHER that is provided with your first purchase. In no time at all you will grow to appreciate Milk In A Bags significantly lower cost, amazing storability in the fridge and its easy Snip Serve & Seal packaging."

So, if there are no good milk sales (for less than $2.48 a gallon) at the other stores this week, consider going to Kwik Trip for your milk - and don't forget to grab the free pitcher and also a "Gallons for Gallons" card, which gives you $1/2 after buying 10 gallons or 20 1/2 gallons of Nature's Touch milk!

Also right now at Kwik Trip - 1lb white bread is only 75¢ a loaf through February 24th. Pick up a few loaves and freeze them!

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